The Student Experience

June 15, 2017

Getting an apartment when you are in college is about the best thing you can do. Dorms are great, at first and then they get old. Really quick. Which is why we moved out to West Ashley.

But think that there are a couple of things that turned me off at first.

  • ISP was always Comcast
  • Parking was limited and filled up fast
  • Roaches can/will be a problem

But the dorm was just a downer after a while and my boyfriend and I finalled made the plunge. We end up in a pretty nice one though. It took some looking around, but it worked out. And we still we think it's a pretty great place to live due to the location and cost.

Roaches seem to be an individual thing. We saw the occasional roach, while my boyfriend had none.

ISP can be either Comcast or AT&T. WOW didn't work there - we checked.

Maintenance is pretty speedy when taking care of things. You put in a work order, and they'll usually have it fixed by the time you get home the next day. I haven't seen parking become a problem in the sections where there's actually parking lots, but if your place is on the street, you might have an issue. It's usually pretty tame around here though - nobody's a dick about parking, really.

Pet fee was $200. Bit steep. But I always wanted a cat so it was doable.

The apartments are close to a school, a church, and plenty of shopping, so you're pretty well set if you have kids. There's also doggie daycares like....everywhere, if you have a dog.

One of the great things about the place, I think, is the bonus room.

Image description

Honestly, I think it's a pretty great place to live. The apartments look great, the price isn't bad at all for Charleston, and the staff is friendly and willing to work with you. I'd say go right ahead and apply. I recall the 1 BR having a living room with a 'foldable wall' which essentially could be used to turn into a bed room on an as-needed basis. I was thinking it might be tacky to stick a bed in there and leave the wall open when not in use though so I was not sure on it.

I don't recall the 2br I looked at having the foldable wall thing though.

But there was still very little storage space

No porches/balconies except in some of the 2nd floor 1 bedrooms

Management was terrible. They went through 3 or 4 different property managers while we were there. When we moved they seemed to finally be getting their shit together though so hopefully it's better now.

We never had any issues living there safety wise, but did see the cops show up for various things several times over the course of the year. The thing about them (which we didn't know till we moved in) is that they used to be "low-income" housing, but the complex was bought by a new management company who did the remodels and then raised the rent, forcing all of the old residents out. But like I said, we never had any problems and everyone was pretty friendly.

We had a ground floor apt and the drainage around the building wasn't great, nor were the seals (? Idk the technical term) between the foundation and the walls, so during the major rain storm of October '15 we had water seeping in at the baseboards and through the front door. Luckily we noticed in time and moved all of our stuff away from the walls, but it still sucked. That was the major reason we moved.

Overall they weren't terrible, but I don't miss living there.

Swimming to School

June 9, 2017

Heh. I remember when I was a student at UNCW. Flooding in Wilmington is a common occurrence. Especially in April-May and August-September.

I can't tell you the number of times I walked to my morning and afternoon classes barefoot with water half way up to my knees. And yet if we got the slightest bit of snow. Well, all hell would break loose. It's what happens when there are a few thousand boats but only two snowplows.

Image description

On top of that, if a light snow isn't enought to throw things into chaos you end up with road closures with no detour signs. How was I supposed to know that part of Atlantic AND wake forest road was closed? By turning around both times.

But it really depends on where you are. In my sister's county they already put out a delay. Supposedly where we are it's going to flooding.

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