The Rustic Side of North Carolina

June 14, 2017

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Rustic beauty is something that we have in spades here in NC, you'll find it in Raleigh and Charlotte tucked into the most amazing spots. We have mountains, waterfalls, enchanting beaches, and all of the beauty that you would want. And it is perfect for just about every activity.

I think that out of all of the states, North Carolina, is the best.

One of the reasons is that we are a hospitable group of people. You won't find friendlier citizens in any of the larger cities than right here in NC. The main reason for this is in my opinion, we really are where north meets south. We have that southern country charm that people always comment on. It is just part of who we are. And we have big metropolitan cities that fit in with a more northern way of life. If you would say it is the best of both world, I would most certainly agree.

Wedding In The Park

I attend a wedding - well, I attend a lot of weddings - and it was held in the park. I think if I would hear this about another city I would be skeptical, but here, I just knew it was going to be breath taking. One of the reasons I say that is, when I say park, it is almost like saying National Park. Some of my relatives live out in the Mid-West and I honestly don't think much about their small town charm. That doesn't really capture the grandeur of real nature. And if you want rustic weddings, that means getting hitched out by the barn. And the country air will definitely put a really rustic spin on things. But what about something where you are surrounded by the most stunning nature, where you pick the backdrop and it will make for some truly spectacular memories that will be captured with some stunning photos.

Let's not forget that the cost of living here is one of the best in the country.

This leads to really nice wedding receptions that don't cost you a fortune.

The Average Wedding

Just like everywhere else you will find a large range in the cost of weddings. Some (like the one we want) will be affordable. We agreed that we will not spend more than one months salary (his and mine) on the event. But it will be a smallerish gathering.

The wedding that we recently attended had more than a hundred and fifty guests which isn't small, but it isn't the biggest that I have seen either.

It consisted of:

  • Wedding ceremony
  • Wedding reception
  • After party

And the after party was sort of the main reception. The ceremony was in the afternoon and there were quite a few older aunts and uncles that didn't feel like partying until the wee hours like the rest of us. So the reception was a nice sit down meal held at the park in the recreation center. It was nice, the food was good, and then around six o'clock they departed from the center and headed off to the after party.

We attended the after party until about two in the morning. But it was just about over then. It was nice and there were plenty of refreshments. All in all the enter things cost about $8,000 which is cheap for the amount of guests, food and drinks.

They did things like oder there invitations online. They looks at places like minted and some of the others but they ended up going with rusticweddinginvitations which is a smaller printer but they had more competitive prices with a small but nice selection of invitations.

The groom also went and purchased the drinks in bulk, which was a day and a half worth of work, but they saved a bunch doing that. It was the small things that helped them bring the cost down.

I don't have the figures in front of me, nor do I know where I would find them, but this is pretty good for the average wedding. Granted the rustic aspect of the celebration cut the cost a little, but not that much.

You can celebrate pretty affordable here when you go to a nice restaurant, if I had to guess I would say that would add about another two thousand dollars to the whole thing.

But could you imagine a service that size for less than ten thousand elsewhere? I can't.

Our Wedding Plans

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I will be honest, I don't see us having a "rustic" or "country" wedding. I want to get married in Charlotte on a veranda over looking the city. But even when I envision this I realize that there will be a lot of nature in the background. The city is very green when I compare it with other cities I have been to. I spent two years in California during my residency and it was drab compared to my home here in NC.

I even had to have Cheerwine shipped out to cheer me up. It was a rough two years.

Now that we're both finished I don't see us ever moving again. It would have to be a really amazing job offer for me to even consider, something that I don't see happening. But you never know.

Our wedding, as I said, is going to be more affordable.

That doesn't mean that I intend to hold back. That is something that I couldn't imagine saying if I lived elsewhere. My cousin lives in Indy and she spent close to twenty thousand on her wedding last year. If anybody ever tries to tell me Indiana is cheap I'll just have to laugh. It is nothing like the cost of living here in NC. If I would have planned the same setup here I can guarantee you that it would have cost about half that. Maybe a little more. Her gown was designer which costs the same everywhere.

It would also be good to mention that the wedding was rustic chic. Which is a bit of an oxymoron to me. But who am I to say.

She and I were never close. We had seen each other often enough at the family gatherings, but never really played. So I was a little surprised when she invited me.

It was a nice trip though. We made a road trip out of it and saw some of the sights on our way out to the wedding.

I just couldn't see it as my big day. But if she was happy and the price was in her means then I am happy. But all I can say is.

Thank God for North Carolina!