I like the design of the first in flight plates better, but does anyone else think that the plate is due for a refresh?

The current design is kind of dated.

If you look at it from either the Halifax Resolves or the Mecklenburg Independence, we were first to officially declare independence. Either you believe the Mecklenburg Declaration and we are first ok that side. Or you look to the Halifax Resolves, the second and later date on our flag, represents the first official action of the colonies for declaring independence. But since there were no states, per se, at the time.

It's scraping the bottom.

We didn't really have a choice. We only joined because Lincoln asked us to raise a militia to fight our southern brothers and all our neighbors joined. Reading letters of Zebulon Vance really sheds a light into the mind of North Carolina during the Civil War. Who knows what would've happend if Lincoln never called for militia to be raised from the south. It is sad that so many North Carolinians gave their lives in the civil war, so that the rich might keep slavery and stay rich.

Sure, it sucks not doing the "First in Flight" anymore, but "First in Freedom" is really misleading.

"Birthplace of aviation" is stupid though. We could do a bunch of those plates if we're just counting birthplaces.

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