I've said for years that when we go back to the playoffs/finals that it would be awesome to open up Carter Finley and have a field party with bands ands beer/food trucks. Considering we have some of the best beer and foot truck services, we could turn PNC's parking lot into along with Carter Finley into outside viewing areas and party zones

I don't know if that's possible but I think it would be a great alternative to your normal tailgating that's currently the only option. But please don't build it up. I hate the idea of cutting down any of the trees around the arena because its beautiful out there, but they have tons of room that they could build a whole strip of entertainment and bars/restaurants across trinity, along edwards mill. Could build a whole "mini town thing" where theres a big "town square" and you could pregame there and then have a march to the arena. Would show the community that theyre committed, and stir up excitement.

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Its not the greatest location, as you have Cardinal Gibbons, and the Horse complex thing across the street, but they could definitely do something just south of all that and still be in walking distance. It's not ideal location, but without a new arena we gotta work with what we've got

Another option is Red Hat in downtown, or even closing of Fayetteville St like they do for Hopscotch or the Food Truck Rodeo. PNC is only 10 minutes from downtown anyways.

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