Direct democracy sounds good in theory, but I think in practice could be trouble. California has ballot initiatives like this and have gotten the state into big trouble in the past (Prop 13 primarily, 3 strikes policy, etc.).

And if NCGA Republicans proposed it originally, I assume they did because it would further take away power from more progressive elements in the state. They know who votes and it would be a tool for conservatives in the long run.

We need a more representative and less partisan legislature.

I know that recently South Dakota voters passed an Anti-Corruption Act that dealt with Campagin finanaces and lobbyists but the SD Legislature vetoed the initiative.

I like the idea of having the ability for citizens to participate in Direct Democracy but if it isn't effective (see aforementioned issue) then I would rather it not be raised in the form of resubmission of previously attempted bills, but rather drafting of a new bill.

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